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With a strong military background and an attitude of excellence being on time is absolutely crucial for us.  Many construction management companies make colossal promises with little track record of delivering on time.  The industry has a reputation of scope creep regarding both time and cost analysis.  Our on time delivery reputation is just one critical factor that sets us apart from the competition.


With years of experience and expertise staying on target is just part of our standard protocol.  We operate across America and are prepared to handle difficult situations in any climate or condition.  We are able to forecast what will happen and bring it to pass with extreme accuracy.  No under or miss bidding here only to later bring out surprises later in the project.  We operate in accuracy with no cutting corners.


Excuses are often times expensive both to the giver and the receiver.  Also, once excuses are given they often become habitual.  With seeing this deficiency from government construction to residential it is rewarding to avoid excuses all together.  We have highly trained employees’ able to surpass expectations delivering superior performance with no need for excuse making.

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From Government Construction & Consulting To Residential Services

We are able to serve you in whatever capacity that you need.  We offer our services across the USA in large military installations to smaller residential services.  It is extremely important to us that we deliver superior quality work that exceeds our clients expectations.  We have the experience you need to get your project completed in a timely manor and completed in excellence the first time.

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Dalles Dam:

The Dalles Dam is a concrete dam that is located outside of Dalles, Oregon.  This dam is overseen by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).  This dam provides useful power to surrounding areas as well as creates Lake Celilo.  We were glad to provide Construction for The Powerhouse Tailrace Gantry Crane Rehab.  This was defiantly not one of our larger projects, but it was a crucial one for this area of the country.  You can see more pictures of this construction on our projects page.